St Duthus Pageant

The Primary 3 children from Craighill and Knockbreck Primary Schools have been studying some local history. As part of their project the class teachers along with John Davies, the Eden Court Outreach worker, helped the children to stage a play and pageant about St Duthus and King James IV’s pilgrimages to Tain. Chris Williams, former music teacher,  taught the children some well-chosen,authentic songs to add to the atmosphere.  Parents and friends were invited to Tain’s historic Collegiate Church to watch the children perform. At the end of the performance the children enjoyed fruit supplied by  and snacks supplied by Tesco. Both schools are very grateful to Tain Guildry trust for their encouragement and support.


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P3 Homework

New words will be issued on a Monday your child should write out the words once per night using the look, cover, say, write method. Other spelling games or activities may also be issued as required. Homework jotters should be handed into the teacher each day. Spelling tests will be carried out on a Friday.

New reading books will be issued on a Monday. The book will be read to your child during this session. Please read the whole book together at home.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – a third of the book will be issued on each of these days to be read at home. Allocated pages will be   recorded in the diary.
Key word cards or sheets will be issued where necessary. 

Maths homework activities will be issued as necessary depending on the topic being covered in class. Activities may include: games, oral or written tasks. 

Additional language or maths homework tasks may be issued.
Details of how to complete the tasks will have been given to your child.

Occasionally homework may be issued for topic work.

Please check and sign the homework diary each night.